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  • Have you been hurt by a narcissist?
  • Do you have narcissistic traits that impact others?
  • Have you considered that you might be codependent? 
  • Is narcissism healable?
  • How can you create a healthy, save, secure relationship?

Join us to learn about the impact of narcissism, and codependency, and how to heal from those tendencies, in our 10-week tele-course.

If you’ve experienced narcissistic traits and behaviors in others, you know how confusing and painful it can be. Have you been in a relationship with someone who just didn’t care about you? Did you stay in that relationship too long?

You may recognize that you have some self-absorbed traits in yourself, and you may have seen the damage you caused in your relationships.

Or you might recognize codependent traits – the willingness to stay in a negative relationship, placating the other person’s narcissistic behaviors in order to avoid rejection or abandonment.

Our goal is to support you in awakening to the impact of narcissism, and codependency, and beginning the healing process.  

Did you have a narcissistic parent?

If you did, you may have been treated as a kind of object to fulfill your parent’s needs and demands. You may have felt that there was no space for you to exist, or that the spotlight had to always be on them.

If you had a narcissistic parent, your own core wound could make you a bit narcissistic yourself – with a tendency toward self-focus, or self-absorption. You may not know how to give and receive authentic love. You may even feel shame about having needs of your own.

It’s common to reproduce the kind of relationship you had with a parent in your adult relationships. So if one of your parents was a narcissist, it’s likely that you entered a romantic relationship with a narcissist. Or, you may have been “taken in” by a narcissist’s charm, and been shocked when you found yourself caught up in their web.

If you live with a constant feeling of anxiety, fear of rejection, engulfed, or manipulated, you could very well be in a relationship with a narcissist.

It is a complex dynamic to navigate. In this short course, we will open up new possibilities, because knowledge is power.

We will also touch on the most difficult decision you may be facing: Do you invest in trying to heal with them, or do you walk away to protect your own well-being?

Join us to learn:

  • How to recognize where someone is on the wide spectrum from “mild self-centeredness” to “extreme selfishness.”
  • The truth about your own narcissistic traits, and where they show up in your life.
  • How to care for yourself in a healthy way when you’re caught in narcissistic patterns.
  • The difference between “normal, everyday narcissism” and destructive, pathological narcissism (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).
  • How to recover and find your way back to positive self-esteem.

It takes great courage to find your way out of a negative relationship, but it can be done, one step at a time. When you learn how these patterns got created, you can also learn how to change them.  And this will help you avoid stepping into the same trap again.

You can rewire your early programming, change your life, and learn to express your true nature as a loving being – even if the other person in your life never changes.

Healing from the impact of narcissism is about recognizing and respecting your own needs, and learning to balance your orientation toward self and others.

When you repair and restore your own self-esteem and balance, you will improve all of your relationships, and you’ll be ready to receive the love you’ve always wanted. 

Led by Lion Goodman, author of “The Narcissism Primer,” and
Carista Luminare, Ph.D., “The Narcissist Whisperer.”

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“You taught us how to heal the past, love in the present and trust in our future. Years of struggle had left me convinced that a fulfilling connection between two people was an unrealistic ideal. You’ve cracked the code on this elusive quest. Your work as a couple is truly the missing link for couples, and an inspiring example of what is possible in a secure, loving relationship.” – H.J., CEO, Entrepreneur, Board Chairman.

“I knew that your Narcissism call would be valuable and timely, given that I’ve had to cope with many narcissists in my life. You opened the door to new insights about the spectrum of narcissism and how to distinguish unhealthy types and their potential for destructive impact. I learned how to discern whether I should stay in a relationship, or leave. I’ve done a lot of healing, relational and spiritual work, however there’s no better salve than getting to the core of a pattern. I’m excited about your upcoming class! ~ Holly Woods, PhD, Integral Master Coach, Intuitive Healer

You did such a good job of presenting the information in an organized format with great examples & personal insights.  Your explanation of attachment theory helped me solve mysteries and bring more understanding around my past relationships. In the narcissism course, I had a big shift in my understanding of my brother.  I was able to have compassion for him, while also constructing more conscious ways of dealing with his behavior so I don’t get entangled. I thank you both & look forward to your next course!  – JCN, New York

Disclaimer: The Healing Narcissism and Codependency course material is not a psychological diagnostic assessment. All references to narcissism and codependency are intended to educate the general public about normal tendencies, traits, and patterns that can influence our relationship dynamics. This material is not designed to analyze anyone’s personality, nor provide professional diagnoses of medical or psychological disorders or diseases. We do not diagnose or advise about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), nor Codependent Personality Disorder, serious psychological conditions that require professional guidance, support, and therapy.  The Healing Narcissism and Codependency course material is not a substitute for professional advice. If you are being hurt or harmed by someone you believe may have NPD or CPD, or if you are harming yourself, or if you believe you may have the symptoms of either syndrome, we strongly advise you to get help from a licensed professional who specializes in NPD or CPD.  If you feel so triggered or overwhelmed that you cannot resolve your situation by yourself, contact a professional therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor who can help you address your feelings and concerns.