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If you’d like to learn more about the LoveStyles, check out our program, 5 Keys to a Secure and Passionate Relationship, a 7+ hour recorded program for couples and singles. You’ll get a comprehensive understanding about the LoveStyles, and specific practices that will re-wire your brain and enhance your relationship. We call this the “Healing LoveStyle™” – when two people commit to making each other feel safe and secure as a top priority. Amazing transformation takes place when this happens. You can actually work together to co-create the relationship you’ve both always wanted!

If you’re in a relationship crisis, or want to strengthen the security of your love-bond, consider getting professional, personal support. We offer counseling services by phone or Skype (or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area). We also offer custom-designed intensives for couples. Visit our Counseling Services page for more information.

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