Get Clear.

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Feel Secure.

5 Keys to a Secure and Passionate Relationship

Are you…

  • Confused about how to create a secure, loving relationship?
  • Anxious about sharing your deepest needs and desires?
  • Uncertain how to sustain lasting intimacy?

Join two partners who have cracked the code – Carista Luminare and Lion Goodman – for 7 hours of learning about the practical master keys that open the lock to mature, secure, passionate relationship.

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Confused About Love? – A 5-part Teleclass

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More than 7 hours of recorded Presentations and Interactive Q&A

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Course Preview

Are you ready to create a secure and passionate relationship?

Here are the 5 Keys:

  • Learn how your Inner Child runs your love life (and how your early childhood attachment style impacts your intimacy dynamics).
  • Learn how your brain runs your love life (and how your limbic system can sabotage your loving partnership).
  • Learn what it takes to swiftly shift your patterns (by understanding why you react to each other, and what to do to cool arguments and problems quickly).
  • Learn the Healing Attachment Way (a recovery plan to restore security, safety, love and passion in your relationship).
  • Learn the 3 Simple Practices to rewire your love life ( 3 Non-verbal Love Languages, Limbic Traffic Light Signals, and Security Codes ).

You can create a secure and loving bond with your partner.

Join us to learn how.

Making your relationship work isn’t rocket science. It’s neurology!

When you were a child, your experience with your parents programmed your adult relationship dynamics. But you’re not stuck with those patterns. With awareness and practice, you can swiftly re-wire your body, mind and heart so you can have the relationship you want.

If you’re unhappy in your relationship , or you have a string of unsuccessful attempts, you can turn it around and enjoy a happy and fulfilling bond with your partner – but only if you have the keys in your hand. Learn the latest discoveries from neuroscience about the science of early childhood bonding, and specific practices that will re-secure your love bond, and expand your ability to be intimate — whether you are in a relationship or not at this time.

Learn shortcuts and solutions that resolve
anxiety, insecurity and loneliness.

Dancing couple

Do happy couples have the right genetics? Or is it fate? Did they find the perfect soul mate? No — It’s a function of their attachment style – the specific behaviors that create secure and intimate connection. Is it learnable? YES!

There’s no magical secret involved. The scientific literature has been published. What we’ve done is bring it all together – research from developmental psychology, neurobiology, attachment theory, and trauma healing – into a practical set of solutions you can use to shift your relationship at the core to get what you really want – and deserve.

Confused About Love? – It’s time to get clear!

Join us for this practical, life-changing 7-hour class in 5 parts, by recording – now, or at your convenience.

(Share the recordings with your partner at no additional cost.)

Who Is It For?

  • Couples who want to get out of endless cycles of arguments, reactions, or processing.
  • Singles who want to be in a secure, passionate relationship, but haven’t been able to create one.
  • People in relationships that are moving to the next level of intimacy (dating to committed relationship, moving in together, living together to marriage, etc.)
  • Couples who feel estranged from each other, and want to renew the spark and passion they had at one time, but lost somewhere along the way.
  • Couples who are considering divorce, but would like to find the magic key to renewing their love and commitment.

What You’ll Learn in Each Session

Session 1: How Your “Inner Child” Runs Your Love Life

We discuss the brain science beneath your relationship style, and describe the attachment system that you developed during your childhood. Every infant needs a secure bond with his or her mother. Few of us got everything we needed. We explain why we repeat this pattern over and over in our adult relationships.

Session 2: The 4 Relationship Attachment Styles: Which One Is Yours?

We describe the 4 fundamental Attachment Styles: Secure, Withdrawing, Anxious, and Traumatic, and how to identify your own and your partner’s particular style. What happens when two people with different styles fall in love? Confusion results, which leads to reactions, endless processing, arguments, and the downward spiral of disconnection. Yes, there is a swift way out of those old patterns and vicious cycles that keep occurring.

Session 3: The 5th Attachment Style: Heal Insecurity in Your Relationship

The 5th style, which we call “Healing Attachment”, is the process of dedicating your relationship to healing the insecurities you each bring to your relationship. Learn how to create security, how to quiet the fire alarm in the limbic system, and provide your partner with what they really need to repair and restore trust quickly. When you do, watch anxiety melt away, and passion magically blossom.

Session 4: How to Quiet the Mind with 3 Non-verbal Love Languages

The most important practice we teach is the use of 3 non-verbal love languages to break out of destructive patterns: arguments, fights, and escalated anger or withdrawal. The Limbic System acts like a fire alarm. When it’s gone off, all you can do is panic. We’ll teach you the step-by-step process of breaking your own and your partner’s reactive state so you can settle back into calm, loving, conscious communication. Breaking these aggressive cycles is crucial to sustaining love and attraction. We call it “repair and restore.”

Session 5: Practical Strategies That Work to Create and Sustain Loving Connection

We’ll share many strategies for identifying danger signals, cooling down heated arguments, and returning to easy, open connection. We’ll teach you – and your partner – to identify and communicate in advance when anxious feelings arise, and how to ask for what you really need. What strategies do you and your partner need to thrive as a couple, and deepen your bond? Join us and find out, then bring it home, and re-wire your brain for secure and passionate love.

When Does It Start? As Soon As You’re Ready!

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What You’ll Get Out of the Course

Through practicing on your own and with your partner, you’ll get:

  • A deeper love bond than ever before
  • The experience of security and trust with your partner
  • Longer periods of sustained connection and love – and fewer, shorter disconnects
  • Practical tools for cutting through negative patterns
  • More love, more fun, and more sustainable passion!

Praise for Lion and Carista

My husband and I sat stupefied as we listened and realized what had been happening in our relationship. We experienced immediate healing and connection, and we continue to practice the techniques. I’ve applied these methods with my children and my clients, as well. I can’t stop promoting it to my friends and family members. One friend told me she was at the end of her rope in her marriage, and she was starting to look at options. She ordered your CAL program, listened to it with her husband, and it turned their marriage around, so they now “get” each other. Thank you so very, very much.

— Sherri Pula | Crystal Clear Coaching

Our time with you provided immense value. We took our committed relationship of 51 years to a new level. Did we need to be fixed? No…. but we continuously seek out new opportunities for growth in our relationship. Your program was one of these best gems that has come our way in quite awhile.

— Hardy and Annedore Hasenfuss | Thriving Business Partners

You have given us new and powerful principles, which allowed us to discover our True Selves – as a couple as well as individually. This wisdom, combined with love, has rapidly empowered our lives. We now have an amazing set of tools to find and recognize these truths daily.

— Rick Young | CEO of Fortune 500 Franchise Company

Our work gave me significant breakthroughs on issues I’ve been struggling with for years. Your strong, compassionate presence enabled me to drop quickly into vulnerable territory and shine light there, revealing the patterns. I now have a new perspective and practical strategies for moving forward.

— Lisa Schrader | Founder and CEO, Awakening Shakti

On many levels, this was the most powerfully transformational seminar I’ve ever participated in. It was touching to experience men and women caring deeply about how they had hurt each other. Don’t miss this chance to heal yourself in a safe and loving way.

— Catherine Baumont | Healer, Boulder, CO

I came to heal my relationship with men. I was able to be vulnerable and have my pain witnessed and honored. The result was life-shifting and heart-opening.

— Ellen Smith | Corporate Consultant, San Francisco, CA

I was surprised how deeply I cracked open and transformed and healed archetypal dimensions of the split between masculine and feminine — not only for myself, but for humanity as well.

— Bob Dunham | Green Construction Manager, Santa Cruz, CA

I was astounded by how the sharing some of our dark secrets gracefully created miracle healings — not just for us as women, but for the men, as well.

— Deborah Greenfield | Los Angeles, CA

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