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Counseling For Couples And Singles

You fell in love…  and then… what happened ?!?

There are times in every relationship when you need direct, professional support through a challenge or crisis. Your issues may appear simple or complex. The problem could look like boredom, betrayal, or a change in priorities.

You may have finally woken up and said, “ Enough! We need help! 

There is a path that leads from brokenness to healing.  It usually requires wise counsel to guide you along the way toward renewal of commitment, passion, and love.

These common symptoms indicate the need for relationship counseling:

  •   You get into repeated arguments and fights
  •   Intimacy and passion has been lost
  •   Either one or both of you are dissatisfied with your sex life
  •   Disagreements about money – saving, spending or investing
  •   Extreme reactivity – verbal or physical attacks
  •   Frequent withdrawal from each other, mentally or physically
  •   Unresolved experiences betrayal, lying, or infidelity
This is all healable. With the right tools, you can swiftly rewire your brains – and your hearts – to deepen your intimacy and succeed in love.

You can create an extraordinary, long-lasting love – even out of the ashes of destructive behaviors. We’ll show you how.

Every couple has reactive patterns, some of which can be very destructive. If you don’t use these challenges as fuel for your growth, they will erode your relationship.

We guide you into deeper awareness, and provide a customized step-by-step plan for you to find your way back to the love you’ve always wanted (and deserve). We help you cultivate the wisdom you need to build and sustain trustable love.

We’ve brought together more than 40 years of research from neurobiology and developmental psychology, and combined it with the most potent techniques for swift change and personal development.  For those who stay the course to heal their confusion about love, the results are extraordinary.  Old patterns fall away, and your True Self emerges, which re-defines your ability to receive and give love in a healthy way.

By identifying each of your unique LoveStyles™, we offer practical how-to’s, with specific actions to take when:

  • Your partner is driving you crazy
  • You’re frustrated and angry
  • All you want to do is run
  • Your partner has withdrawn from you
  • You don’t know what to do

Even the most enduring, loving relationships go through challenging times.

Break the cycles of insecurity and rejection.Create new cycles of care and inner growth.Acquire the skill to consistently respond positively and lovingly to your partner.

Intimacy is deepened when you can navigate and resolve your deepest wounds and needs together.  When you bring awareness and compassion to each others’ darkest patterns, and see that they emerge from our old conditioning and insecurities, love blossoms naturally.

Infants need to be held and nurtured in a secure and safe way. S cientific evidence shows that we never outgrow this need.

Adults need to be held and nurtured in a secure and safe way by their romantic partner.  

In our proprietary LoveStyles™ Program , we teach you how to establish a secure, loving bond.  You’ll co-create a safe container to explore the depths of your wounds as well as the heights of your True Self.

Most people have never learned how to communicate in a constructive way when they feel reactive or triggered. We give you specific, easy-to-use tools and practices you can apply in the day-to-day experience of being a couple. They will instantly improve your relationship with your partner, and also with members of your family and your business colleagues.

Are you ready to take the next step toward healing your relationships? Contact us to set up your free 15-minute initial consultation and assessment.

Sessions are offered in person, by phone, or via Skype. We offer both short-term problem resolution and long-term transformational change.  We also offer comprehensive in-person retreats for couples or singles, custom designed to your needs.

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