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Secure Bonding – It’s Never Too Late!

Interview with Lion Goodman and Carista Luminare

Attachment Theory and the 4 LoveStyles

Interview with Carista Luminare


Healing Narcissism – Is It Even Possible?

Lion is interviewed by Chris Kyle on The Conscious Men’s Summit, produced by the ManKind Project.

An Introduction to Healing Narcissism and Codependency

Introductory webinar with Lion Goodman and Carista Luminare.

Carista on the Superwoman Syndrome Summit

Confused About Love 101 – The Basics

What Love Is – Foundations


Why You’re So Confused About Love – and What You Can Do About It

Our most popular article on the vicissitudes of love – why we’re confused, and specific methods for getting un-confused.

The Narcissism Primer

A free ebook about all aspects of narcissism, from “Healthy narcissism” to “Destructive narcissism.”  Learn about the spectrum, and Lion’s work to heal himself.

The Hidden Cost of Executive Marriage Crisis

An executive white paper by Lion Goodman, PCC and Carista Luminare, PhD, to help identify the cost to corporations when executives are in crisis at home.