Get Clear.

Become Wise.

Feel Secure.


Are you…

  • Confused about how to create a secure, loving relationship?
  • Anxious about sharing your deepest needs and desires?
  • Uncertain how to sustain lasting intimacy?

Learn how to crack the code. Our 5-part recorded program provides 7 hours of practical, in-depth learning about the master keys that open the lock to a mature, secure, passionate relationship.

Here are the 5 Keys:

  1. How your Inner Child runs your love life (and how your early childhood attachment style impacts your intimacy dynamics).
  2. How your brain runs your love life (and how your limbic system can sabotage your loving partnership).
  3. What it takes to swiftly shift your patterns (by understanding why you react, and how to cool arguments and problems quickly).
  4. The Healing Attachment Way (a recovery plan to restore security, safety, love and passion in your relationship).
  5. The 3 Simple Practices to rewire your love life (3 Non-verbal Love Languages, Limbic Traffic Light Signals, and Security Codes

You CAN create a secure and loving bond with your partner.

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  • Do you have narcissistic tendencies?
  • Have you been called “codependent”?
  • Have you been in a difficult relationship with a narcissist or a codependent?
  • Is it possible to heal your own narcissistic or codependent traits?
  • Can you help someone else who has these tendencies?

Narcissism and Codependency are patterns most often rooted in our subconscious defense strategies, which were developed in early childhood. When you approach them with understanding and compassion, you can begin the process of healing and recovery. It requires 1) a commitment to curiosity and learning, 2) the willingness to confront the past, and 3) making the necessary behavioral changes.

Almost everyone can be self-absorbed or self-sacrificing at times. We get so focused on ourselves, or our work, that we ignore the people around us. Or we get so absorbed by another person that we forget about our own needs. These complex dynamics are part of our human nature.

If these relationship patterns are interfering with your happiness or productivity, you can learn to change them.

Here’s some good news: It’s never too late to begin rewiring your brain and your relationship patterns into healthier patterns. These new behaviors can bring you into secure, mature relationships – with your spouse, your children, your friends, and your co-workers.

In this 10-part program, we offer you a chance to get re-educated about love – a new view based on the Neuroscience of Relationship. We help you see into the root causes of your old, unworkable patterns. We show you how to re-program and update your old Relational Operating System. We provide specific practices you can use to create more security and passion in your primary relationship.

This practical approach can save a relationship that’s on the rocks, or set a new foundation for success in your next relationship.

The Healing Narcissism and Codependency program will show you the causes underneath your relationship challenges, and give you practical remedies to bring secure love back into your life.

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