Get Clear.

Become Wise.

Feel Secure.


Are you…

  • Confused about how to create a secure, loving relationship?
  • Feeling insecure as your normal state?
  • Uncertain how to sustain lasting intimacy?

Whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed partnership, learn how to get clear and love wisely.

Our 4-part recorded program provides 7 hours of practical, in-depth learning about the master keys that open the lock to a trustworthy and secure relationship.

Here are the 4 Keys:

  1. What Love IS (and is NOT):  Love can be very confusing.  Learn what secure love is in simple terms, and assess your own skill set – perhaps with nuances you have not considered before.
  2. Understand Your Unique LoveStyle:  Learn how your early childhood attachment style impacts your ability to be open, intimate and secure in your partnership.
  3. Your Brain’s Impact on Your Love Life:  Explore how your nervous system drives your attractions, reactions, and feelings of insecurity.
  4. Simple Practices to Rewire from Insecure to Secure Love: Learn transformative practices to begin healing and rewiring your romantic relationship.

You CAN create a secure and loving bond with your partner.

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  • Do you have narcissistic tendencies?
  • Have you been called “codependent”?
  • Have you been in a difficult relationship with a narcissist or a codependent?
  • Is it possible to heal your own narcissistic or codependent traits?
  • Do you help others who have these tendencies?

Narcissism and Codependency are patterns most often rooted in our subconscious defense strategies developed in early childhood. With understanding and compassion, you can begin the process of healing and recovery. It requires 1) a commitment to curiosity and learning, 2) the willingness to confront the past, and 3) making the necessary behavioral changes.

We are all self-absorbed or self-sacrificing at times. We can get hyper- focused on our own priorities, or so absorbed by another’s needs that we forget about our own. If these relationship patterns are interfering with your happiness or productivity, you can learn to change them, rewiring your brain and relationship patterns into healthier forms. You can create a secure, mature relationship – with your spouse, children, friends, or co-workers.

In this 10-part program, you’ll learn a new view of love based on the Neuroscience of Relationship. You’ll see into the root causes of your old, unworkable patterns, and learn to reprogram and update your old Relational Operating System. We provide specific practices you can use to create more security and passion in your primary relationship.

This practical approach can save a relationship that’s on the rocks, or set a new foundation for success in your next relationship.

The Healing Narcissism and Codependency program will show you the causes underneath your relationship challenges, and give you practical remedies to bring secure love back into your life.

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