Get Clear.

Become Wise.

Feel Secure.

How to Create a Secure and Loving Relationship

Confused about Love?

Get Clear. Be Wise. Feel Secure.

with Carista Luminare, Ph.D.
and Lion Goodman, P.C.C.

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Are these uncertain times shaking the foundation of your relationship?

We all need someone to lean on – to hear us, to hold us, to see us.

Partners need to be wise and aligned in order to navigate the high stresses of daily life.

Couples who do not practice secure relationship skills are more likely to get
caught in sudden reactions, fights, and repeating patterns of conflict.

Are you…

  • Dancing coupleConfused about how to create a secure, loving relationship?
  • Feeling insecure as your norm?
  • Walking on eggshells?
  • Unable to share your vulnerable needs?
  • Suppressing your desire for more intimacy?
  • Single and want a secure, loving and passionate relationship?
  • Dating and want to move to the next level of commitment?
  • Estranged from each other?
  • Want to renew the spark and passion you had at one time?

In other courses I’ve taken, it feels like the experts are just talking out loud, and I’m expected to grab whatever bits of wisdom I can, and patch them together in order to learn something. In this course, you provided a framework I could use to organize my learning. You really want your students to learn and integrate the wisdom you offer.

— Diane M. | Neuroscientist

We are a Couple Committed to Healing Each Other

Join Carista Luminare, Ph.D. and special guest, Lion Goodman, P.C.C. to learn what secure love is, and how to achieve it.

Learn how to rewire insecure bonding which reduces trust and passion, to secure bonding, which enhances love, trust and passion.

Carista has studied developmental psychology, neurobiology, attachment theory and trauma healing, and brought them together into a practical set of solutions you can use to shift your relationship style – so you can co-create what you really want to experience in love and intimacy.

With her partner, Lion, a transformational coach with a specialty in clearing subconscious beliefs, they have used their approach to rewire each other from insecure to secure love, and they have helped thousands of couples create profound and lasting love.

They generously share their hot tips and shortcuts throughout the program. It is a practical set of tools you can use every day, and in every one of your relationships.

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, or if you have a string of unsuccessful attempts, you can learn to turn it around and enjoy a deeply fulfilling and  secure bond with your partner – if you learn the keys.

Learn what love is… and what love isn’t.
Remember what love does… and what love doesn’t do.

Secure attachment behaviors improve every form of relationship!

Whether you are monogamous or in an open relationship …
Whether you are heterosexual or LGBTQ+ …
Whether you are married, lovers, friends, or colleagues …


Join us to learn the keys to an extraordinary relationship.

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Course Preview

Class 1 

What Love IS (and is NOT)

Love can be very confusing. We all learned about love from our parents – but they may have been clueless what you needed to feel “heard, held and seen” as your True Self. They may have role modeled family dynamics or cultural values about marriage or relationships – that are not healthy for you.

You will learn what love IS and what love is NOT in simple terms, and assess your own skill set, perhaps with nuances you have not considered before.

Class 2

The Wisdom of the Four Lovestyles (HOW and WHY you bond with others)

Explore how your early childhood attachment style (your LoveStyle™) impacts your ability to be open, intimate, and secure in your relationship. Your unique way of relating to others can determine whom you attract when you’re dating, as well as who you commit to in your romantic relationship or marriage. Each Lovestyle comes with it’s own set of criteria to help you distinguish how your feelings, beliefs and behaviors clarify your primary lovestyle.

Your chronic reactions that leave you in vicious processing cycles are a signal for you to learn a new way to have your deepest desires compassionately understood by your partner. By clarifying your early programming with your primary attachment figures (especially threatening and absent parents), you can intentionally co-create your unique version of healthy, secure love.

Class 3 

The Power of Your Brain & its Impact on Your Love Life

Discover what the latest neuroscience of relationship research tells us about how your brain works to influence your love life, and how your emotional brain (limbic system) can easily sabotage a loving relationship.

You’ll also learn the difference between the pro-relational, non-relational and anti-relational behaviors, and how each of these 3 criteria are subconsciously run by the mind and heart.

Class 4

Foundational Practices for Rewiring Insecure to Secure Love

In the last class, you’ll learn two powerful practices to begin rewiring your loving relationships:

  • The 3 Nonverbal Love Languages
  • The Emotional Brain Traffic Signals
  • And more hot tips how to rewire each other…

You’re both very inspiring and I especially love that you’re charting these terrifying waters and giving us a map so we can find our way.

— Jennifer P. | Store Owner

SPECIAL BONUS: Interview with John Gray

John Gray headshotAuthor of the bestselling series “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

When you register, you’ll also receive this special recording – “The Power of Love” – an interview with John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.” You’ll receive this link as soon as you register.

When you join Carista Luminare to learn and practice these techniques, you can create a secure, passionate, and loving bond with your partner – so your relationship can flourish.

You’ll get instant access to all the recordings and learning materials.


What you will learn during the course:

  • How to utilize your Lovestyle to rewire yourself – and your partner.
  • Why it’s so important to consciously minimize threatening behaviors.
  • How to co-create a more sustained, positive connection with fewer disconnections.
  • Practical tools for cutting through negative patterns and repairing quickly.
  • More confidence and freedom to be your True Self in your relationships.

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How to Create a Secure
and Loving Relationship

with Carista Luminare, Ph.D. and Lion Goodman, P.C.C.

Take advantage of this special price – Now only $147!  (Originally $297.)

Rave Reviews About Carista and Lion’s Programs

My husband and I sat stupefied as we listened and realized what had been happening in our relationship. We experienced immediate healing and connection, and we continue to practice the techniques. I’ve applied these methods with my children and my clients, as well. I can’t stop promoting it to my friends and family members. One friend told me she was at the end of her rope in her marriage, and she was starting to look at options. She ordered your CAL program, listened to it with her husband, and it turned their marriage around, so they now “get” each other. Thank you so very, very much.

— Sherri P. | Professional Coach

The content and wisdom you delivered during the course felt embodied and compassionate. When you shared your own struggles and successes, it highlighted the remarkable healing that’s available when you’re willing to confront your patterns and move into a more accepting, intimate and loving place. You’ve guided me through the roadblocks of my lifelong patterns. I finally feel released from these habituated patterns. I’m so grateful for this offering, and I recommend it to anyone who has been touched by these traits.

— Holly W., PhD | Integral Master Coach & Consultant

This program is so powerful – more like a university degree program, or a lifetime of study, rather than a telecourse. I feel like I’ve ripped the band-aid off of my lifetime of wounding. I want to heal these old patterns by practicing what you taught: being more vulnerable in my relationship, and staying connected in order to feel safe. It’s a steep uphill climb, but I feel like I really have the tools now.

— Diane C. | Full Time Mom

On many levels, this was the most powerfully transformational seminar I’ve ever participated in. It was touching to experience men and women caring deeply about how they had hurt each other. Don’t miss this chance to heal yourself in a safe and loving way.

— Catherine B. | Healer, Boulder, CO

You taught us how to heal the past, love in the present and trust in our future. Years of struggle had left me convinced that a fulfilling connection between two people was an unrealistic ideal. You’ve cracked the code on this elusive quest. Your work as a couple is truly the missing link for couples, and an inspiring example of what is possible in a secure, loving relationship.

— Howard J. | CEO, Entrepreneur, Board Chairman

This course has been very good for our couple bubble. He’s really practicing reaching out towards me more – which is such a delight for me and for him! I deeply appreciate your kind & generous hearts!

— Candace K. | Engineer

Our time with you provided immense value. We took our committed relationship of 51 years to a new level. Did we need to be fixed? No…. but we continuously seek out new opportunities for growth in our relationship. Your program was one of these best gems that has come our way in quite awhile.

— Hardy and Anne H. | Business Partners